My husband and I are not musically inclined, we have never been dancers, never even wanted to be dancers…then, our daughter wanted a wedding WITH dancing and she wanted to do the traditional Father/Daughter dance!  We all had to learn to dance and fast!  One of my biggest regrets is that we did NOT find Arianna in time to teach us!  We went to a dance studio, paid a fortune to learn a few steps and then were given the hard sell to pay an even bigger fortune for a series of lessons.  It was very aggravating and we stopped dancing after the wedding, never to dance again, if at all possible!  It was a fluke that we found Arianna and decided to try again so we’d be ready for our son’s wedding in the future!

I think a little warning is in order:  Arianna has a high pitched laugh/giggle that can be a little startling!  Don’t worry, it will become endearing once you get to know her!  She is a delightful, fun-loving person who is sensitive to everyone’s  strengths and weaknesses.  She is patient and creative in her teaching methods, adapting to each person’s learning style.  She also modifies steps to accommodate physical limitations. I have injuries that limit my flexibility and mobility – she keeps me dancing by adjusting steps for me!

Never in my life would I have thought I would look forward to dance class or even think of searching out a place to actually go dancing on purpose!  If Arianna can make dancing fun for me, she can do it for anyone!